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State Tax Issues raised by our matters include:

            May a general contractor be forced to pay use tax on materials allegedly attached by a subcontractor to federal government real property?

            When are workers independent businesses for purposes of workmen compensation premiums?

            When can property managers  deduct the cost of on-site personnel under an agency theory?

            What is the scope of the use tax exemption for Indian corporations?

            Do administrative remedies need to be exhausted before seeking a city tax refund?

            What is the proper scope of the manufacturing machinery and equipment exemption?

            What is the proper methodology for determining the B&O tax deduction for fees and dues when some portion of the fees and dues pay for goods and services?

            May a state impose a tax on or measured by the gross receipts from skydiving operations?
            Is popcorn food exempt from sales tax?

            Who is the first distributor or tobacco taxes?

           When should the evasion penalty not be imposed on a business collecting but failing to remit sales taxes?  

Other Issues litigated by the Firm include:

               What is the proper method of service for a case brought in Washington courts against a foreign corporation?

              Boundary dispute between neighbors

              What is the standard for dissolving an LLC?